Fin Castle Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, Texas

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Fin Castle Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, Texas
17711 French Rd.
Houston, TX.  77084
The comfort and well-being of your horse is our main concern.  At the heart of the facility is a modern stable block with 30 individual stalls, each measuring 12×12 feet.

The stalls all have sliding doors, grilled partitions, and exterior windows, allowing the horses an unparalleled  view of the daily comings and goings around the barn.  The 12′ aisle way is constructed of poured concrete and is swept twice daily. 
Included with the price of board you are provided your own tack locker with ample storage space for your saddle, bridle, boots, horse care equipment etc.

To the rear of the main barn are four wash racks for the horses, as well as paddocks where horses are turned out at least three hours daily.  There are also extensive grounds to walk the horses for a relaxing cool down.

Full board is $600 per month, excluding various training and lesson packages.

North Forty Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina

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North Forty Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina
232 Gabe rd
Johnston, SC 29832
(803) 275-0164

20 miles north of Aiken, South Carolina. We are thrilled to have discovered Johnston, SC. It is a lovely area with amazing weather, friendly people, and plenty of equine activity. We are one mile down a dirt road at the junction of route 193 & route 121: accessible, but private. Your horse will love it here!

We designed our new barn to catch the summer breezes: large matted stalls, grilled partitions on all sides with large grilled windows in the back of the stalls. Each stall has a fan and automatic fly spray system. The roof is insulated and we chose the most reflective color available. Our new 10 stall barn will be completed January ’08.

Riding areas
We have a large jumping field, a dressage schooling area, a 66′ round pen and a few trails through the woods. We will be adding cross country jumps to the trails and enclosing the dressage area.

43 acres of pasture
The property is fenced and cross fenced with horse guard fencing into large pastures suitable for full time use for 1-3 horses each. All pastures have shade; either large trees or 10’ X 20’ run-in sheds. Pastures are well maintained and picked up regularly.

Feeding program
All horses are fed individually, 3-4 times a day
Diets are customized for every horse
orchard/ alfalfa hay, coastal also available
Optional supplements fed daily- we prefer Smartpaks™
Routine Care

Owners live on premises for 24 hour care
Horses examined daily
Blankets and flysheets as needed
Daily flyspray and hosing during hot weather
Fees: $400 / month stall board, $275/ month field board