Three Fox Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina

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Three Fox Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina
1046 Mickle Rd
Blythewood, SC 29016

(803) 786-0649

Three Fox Farm is a full service hunter/jumper facility located in Blythewood, South Carolina.  We offer boarding, lessons, showing, and training.  We show on the South Carolina Hunter Jumper Association (SCHJA) and the Progressive Show Jumping (PSJ) circuits in addition to local A’s.

Communication and understanding are the foundation of our policies. We pride ourselves with our marvelous staff members, students, and boarders who all exercise a kind and gentle attitude with the horses.

Star Ridge Stables – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina

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Star Ridge Stables – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina
668 Honeysucker Rd.
Hardeeville, SC 29927
Stella –
Steve –

Star Ridge stables is proud to offer premium facilities for the best care of your horse, as well as several different boarding packages to suit each individual’s needs.
All boarding includes feeding 2x a day, grain and hay, daily turnout (weather permitting) with fly mask (supplied by owner), daily stall maintenance and blanketing. Farm will schedule vet and farrier services with “in house” veterinarian and blacksmith.

Think you don’t have a choice for your horse and your child when it comes to choosing a stable? Do you believe that the good options are too far away? Don’t accept less then appropriate and professional instruction for your child, give Star Ridge Stables a chance and we will prove to you that a little extra drive time is worth it.

Red Fox Farm Equine Center – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina

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Red Fox Farm Equine Center – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina
2650 Holly Road
Marion, SC 29571
(843) 430-4844

Rainbow Acre Stables – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina

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Rainbow Acre Stables – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina
425 Windy Hill Rd
York, SC 29745
(803) 684-2722

Our boarding program, based on over 35 years of experience with equine care, is as individual and natural as we can achieve.  We utilize natural grains typically along with a five part vitamin and mineral program by Dynamite. We custom mix our feeds on an individual basis daily in order to achieve the ultimate in individual attention and meet changing needs. Many horses improve visibly on this basic nutrition program, as their needs begin to balance. Individual needs, whether competitive, pleasure or retired horses, can be met very effectively with this program which allows nutrition to be separate from grain, rather than a “fortified” or pre-mixed feed with vitamins & minerals added that may not be in the correct amounts or balanced for that individual. It is impossible for any feed company to make prepared feeds that would meet all nutritional needs of both a fat, inactive horse who might only need a handful of feed (or possibly none) and one who works hard and needs several pounds daily in order to maintain proper weight. One would not get enough vitamins & minerals, while the other might get too much in order to get the volume of feed and calories they might need. Our custom natural grain mixes with vitamin/mineral supplements added daily as well as access to the “Free Choices” eliminates the guess work. Our Free Choices including, Loose Natural Salt, 2 different Calcium/Phosphorous Balancers and a 60+Trace Mineral in addition to the Concentrated Vit/Min we add with the feed, allow the horse to balance himself without force feeding excess nutrients he/she may not need at that time.  Our Dynamite minerals are a balance of properly chelated with some non-chelated so it can be flushed from the body rather than stored as toxins.  We try to use nothing with chemical preservatives as are in all fortified feeds for the same reasons.   Read about Free Choice Minerals.

We offer several different full board options for customization, with charges being based on a horse’s individual requirements.  Board typically includes a stall and lots of turnout. We feed a minimum of twice daily at regular intervals in stalls, with free choice grass hay in the pasture whenever possible.  We generally use mainly grass hays with some legumes, although that can vary with availability.  We offer turnout with shelters wherever possible. We believe, through years of experience, that most horses are healthier with a mainly outside environment, unless a special circumstance dictates otherwise.  Free movement is known to improve circulation, respiratory and intestinal health.  We also promote barefoot horses, yet it is not a requirement.  We custom individualize our feed & nutrition program for each horse daily as needs may change.  Older and retired horses are welcome.   We also will custom design a program for your horse’s specific needs whenever possible.

We offer 12×12 and 14×14 stalls, some with private paddocks, an outdoor ring, jumps, washrack, boarders’ tack room, indoor arena, trailer parking, as well as an office with a restroom, refrigerator and microwave available. We live on the premises which adds to the quality of care and security for your horse.  Horses are checked daily for any changes or health related issues.  We clean water tubs & buckets, monitor feed containers and fences regularly. We have welded wire fencing with boards and electric wire, no barbed wire.

North Forty Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina

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North Forty Farm – Horse Boarding Stables, South Carolina
232 Gabe rd
Johnston, SC 29832
(803) 275-0164

20 miles north of Aiken, South Carolina. We are thrilled to have discovered Johnston, SC. It is a lovely area with amazing weather, friendly people, and plenty of equine activity. We are one mile down a dirt road at the junction of route 193 & route 121: accessible, but private. Your horse will love it here!

We designed our new barn to catch the summer breezes: large matted stalls, grilled partitions on all sides with large grilled windows in the back of the stalls. Each stall has a fan and automatic fly spray system. The roof is insulated and we chose the most reflective color available. Our new 10 stall barn will be completed January ’08.

Riding areas
We have a large jumping field, a dressage schooling area, a 66′ round pen and a few trails through the woods. We will be adding cross country jumps to the trails and enclosing the dressage area.

43 acres of pasture
The property is fenced and cross fenced with horse guard fencing into large pastures suitable for full time use for 1-3 horses each. All pastures have shade; either large trees or 10’ X 20’ run-in sheds. Pastures are well maintained and picked up regularly.

Feeding program
All horses are fed individually, 3-4 times a day
Diets are customized for every horse
orchard/ alfalfa hay, coastal also available
Optional supplements fed daily- we prefer Smartpaks™
Routine Care

Owners live on premises for 24 hour care
Horses examined daily
Blankets and flysheets as needed
Daily flyspray and hosing during hot weather
Fees: $400 / month stall board, $275/ month field board

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