Paradigm Farms – Horse Boarding Stables, Tennessee

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Paradigm Farms – Horse Boarding Stables, Tennessee
PO Box 186
College Grove, TN 37046 [View Map]

(615) 368-2325

If your horse could talk he would ask to retire with us!

We have horses retired at our farm from across North America including California, Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and Massachusettes. Why do so many people trust us to care for their horse even when they live so far away?  Because we have transitioned many show horses to retirement, offer a temperate climate, carefully monitor our pastures to allow for excellent grazing almost year round, offer both stall and pasture board, and allow the horses to develop bonds with other horses in small groups as nature intended. Your horse will not be leaving behind his creature comforts either as we blanket and groom all the horses in addition to feeding 2x/day. We also send regular picture and video updates to the owners so they can see their horse routinely and have regular glimpses into their daily lives.

As an owner why would you want to retire your horse with us?

As horse owners ourselves we know all the factors that must be considered when it comes to where your horse will spend his retirement days. We all want our horses to be well cared for and know that their future is secure, but we also want to know that we can afford to provide this for them. We might need to be absentee owners as well, due to work/ family commitments or because our “horse time” is going to be spent with a new horse. We want to make sure our horses are still receiving tender, loving care even if we are not the ones providing it for them.

Paradigm Farms is here to provide you with an economical, guilt free solution to your search for a horse retirement farm.

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  1. Tanya Vieira on July 14th, 2011 6:10 pm

    Greetings and God Bless from Weirsdale, FL. Your name was provided by Vivian Vetere, who boards her horse there.

    I am researching information in preparation of my trust and will. I have gone through divorce and am now a single horse owner. God has blessed me and enabled me to keep my two very spoiled and basically invaluable horses. I have a 13 yr old Morgan gelding that I’ve had for 10 years and I’ve barely ridden in 4 years, plus an equally spoiled and wonderfully pampered princess– Nina. Nina is a Arabian/ Quarter horse rescue I’ve had for 8 years. She’s never been broken as far as I know and she’s blind in one eye. She’s approx. 17 years old.

    I’m trying to prepare their future should something happen to me. I am setting up a trust to ensure that they can go on living out their lives in a wonderful, safe and happy environment and not be separated from each other, or sold off like a Black Beauty story. I’m trying to do the responsible and loving thing…plan ahead for their sake.

    Hence, I’m contacting you for information about your facility for the possibility of such a safe haven that the trust would pay for in the event something should happen to me.

    Can you let me know about your facility, if you have a contract that would suffice as part of my trust, what your fees are, etc. How big are you? How long have you been operating? Viv doesn’t know me…she’s a friend of a friend…but my friend said that Viv thinks very highly of you and loves what you do!

    I look forward to hearing from you. God bless and thank you.

    Tanya Vieira
    (407) 376-5106

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